The best summer arts camp — now online!
July 12-31, 2020

Registration for Summer 2020 is closed

Statement in support of BLM and communities of color

The Putney School Summer Arts has witnessed first hand the excellence of the Black students in our community. But like so many others, The Putney School Summer Arts as an organization has much to learn as we re-commit to putting anti-racist work and racial equality at the forefront of our community building.

We explore authentic self-expression. That’s what art is. And creating art is the cornerstone of the program’s mission. This summer we will implement curriculum in each of our online workshops that helps the community create a more just and equitable world through the means of artistic expression. We know that we haven’t done enough and that we need to do more. Black community members must feel safe and supported in the vulnerable expression in whatever aspect(s) of  themselves they wish to explore.

Meeting this goal requires long-term dedication to the often maddengly incremental process of eradicating the racism deeply ingrained in the fabric of our country, our communities, and in our everyday interactions.

The leadership, including myself, the faculty, and staff of The Putney School Summer Programs, are commited to conducting our program with intention, elevating marginalized voices–including and especially those of our Black community members–and facilitating the development of all community members as anti-racist citizens.

Being thoughtful in our intentions, clear in our expression, and patient with one another, we will confront racism and prejudice with humility and courage.

Please reach out to me personally with questions and concerns you may have so that we might have a conversation and forge the way forward together. <>

Dear Friends,

Teenagers need a trusting community in which to explore and build a disciplined practice that supports artistic growth and self-expression.

We’ve been creating that here for 33 years, and we know we can continue to provide it by taking our workshops online this summer.

In working with teachers, artists, and peers, students are positioned to continue their creative work beyond the scope of the three-week program.

We believe it is vital to the lives of our young people to provide this opportunity. Please select one of our online offerings and click here to apply.

Warm regards,

Dates: July 12 – 31

Workshop Schedule

Monday – Friday, EST

Morning Workshop: 10 AM – 1 PM

Afternoon Workshop: 2 PM – 5 PM


Two Workshops: $2,500

One Workshop: $1,250

Putney’s Studio Arts & Writing Week for Adults has been canceled for this summer. We hope you’ll join us next summer, August 8-14, 2021.