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Sculpture Workshop Putney, Vermont

The Putney School Summer Arts provide high school students the opportunity to express themselves through an immersion in the creative process. Students are supported by a community of artists and teachers who promote creative expression and value the arts and sustainable living. We honor and support diversity and a world-wide community of learners.

About Us

The Putney School Summer Arts offer students age 14-17 the opportunity for in-depth exploration in the visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing, as well as sustainability through our Farm Program. Our ESOL- Program for International Education for non-native English speakers offers English language classes and accelerated learning through language immersion. We enroll 135 students in each 3-week session.

Workshops form the core of the day. Students enroll in two half-day workshops—one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

We welcome students to apply who are ready to take risks in their creative work, to learn new things and get better at what they already know, and to be a responsible member of this diverse and close-knit community. The Summer Arts enrolls teenagers from all over the world. We look forward to receiving your application.

A Note from the Director

At Putney students get used to imagining possibilities, taking creative risks in their work, and realizing their vision. Teachers create a studio environment where students support one another and where everyone can fell good asking questions and being curious.

You will meet people who are different from you and you'll also meet people who have a lot in common with you. The opportunities on this 500 acre farm campus can seem limitless. We all get to know one another well, living on this gorgeous hilltop in Vermont.

The workshops are rigorous but non-competitive. We'll encourage you to collaborate and challenge you to problem solve.

  • Follow your passion in serious but fun workshops
  • Explore and develop your skills
  • Express yourself
  • Take risks in your work
  • Make friends through the art you share

I invite you to bring your ideas and your creativity to Putney this summer.

Tom Howe, Summer Programs Director

About The Putney School

The Putney School is an independent boarding school dedicated to progressive education for a sustainable future. Founded in 1935, the school is situated on a beautiful hilltop in southern Vermont. The school's studios and dormitories on our 500-acre campus, together with our working dairy and vegetable farm, serve over 200 students who enroll in the school's Summer Programs each summer.


The Putney School Summer Programs
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