Fall Virtual Workshops

Students joined us this summer for some wonderfully successful arts and writing workshops online. This generation clearly proves to be a creative, inventive, and expressive group, even in times of great constraint, confusion, and challenge. We’ve posted a gallery of student work from the summer on the website. I hope you will take a moment to enjoy looking at their work.

Our virtual program continues this fall. Students may choose one or more workshops that meet weekly over an extended period of time this fall. Students, we look forward to offering you the opportunity to settle into your creative process and to develop your artistic voice.


$300 per workshop for 12 hours of synchronous instruction.


 Connect with us to receive updates on the schedule.


10/14 – 11/18, Wednesdays 7PM – 9PM EST

“I want to expand my knowledge about animation and find what types of animation suit me the best. I want to continue to do art in the Putney atmosphere.”

– Audrey, student summer 2020

Animation allows you to tell powerful visual stories. In this workshop you try your hand at stop-motion animation, claymation, rotoscoping, and time-lapse photography, while learning the 12 Principles of Animation. You will develop foundational animation skills and apply those techniques through the production processes, using digital tools and physical mediums. Students will have a chance to work through a variety of exercises and to create a final work of their choice. Through individual and group projects, you bring your ideas to the screen and gain proficiency with digital tools like Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, and iStopMotion.

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Fashion Design

10/10 – 11/14, Saturdays 11AM – 1PM EST

“I learned how to construct a garment and tons of other things just related to making clothes.”

– John, student summer 2020

In Fashion Design students will explore how to construct a garment from ideas and mood-board through to finished piece and fashion show. During the class students will be given demos, learn how to use a sewing machine and hand sewing skills or other techniques to make their own wearable designs.

A list of necessary supplies will be sent to students. They will be able to use break-out rooms to pair up in teams and collaborate through Zoom.

Students will have one-one support as well as group support during regular progress up-date sessions. Students will also share pictures, sketches and ideas on a virtual pin-board to receive feedback as they see their work come together.

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10/10 – 11/14, Saturdays 11AM – 1PM EST

“I solidified my concept for a series and created pieces that I was proud of.”

– Grace, student summer 2020

You will expand your knowledge of fundamental technical and theoretical approaches through painting on paper, canvas, or wood panel with acrylic paint. After an initial overview of value, color, and composition, students learn the basics of color mixing and paint handling. Students consider a wide variety of forms through exploration of themes and ideas from different art periods up through contemporary works.

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10/10 – 11/14, Saturdays 11AM – 1PM EST

Orange Yard – Kai, summer 2020

“I learned a lot about composition and how to take a photograph to make it more visually appealing such as leading lines or rule of thirds.”

– Claudia, student summer 2020

Explore photography as a visual language to delve into the use of design elements such as line, light, and motion to build strong compositions. After establishing a clear understanding of exposure and camera operation, you’ll  focus on both shooting and Photoshop skills. Prompts will be provided for focusing our exploration and help provide context for the myriad of possible transformations digital technology offers photographers.You’ll delve into a variety of photographic genres throughout the workshop, including portraiture, narratives, experimental and alternative techniques. Journals and critiques help students develop language and the ability to assess both their own work and that of others. Digital SLR cameras and access to Adobe creative suite are useful but not necessary as many students will be working on the cameras on their phones. Advanced students will be able to work at their own pace, taking part in introductory work to refresh their skills or diving straight into developing a new body of work.

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10/6 – 10/29, Tuesdays and Thursday, 4PM – 5:30PM EST

“I’ve dabbled in printmaking a bit but I’ve definitely never done any at home and this is something I want to continue working on. Now that I know how to set up a studio space at home and some of the basics of relief carving and reduction prints I’m able to be more independent in my practice going forward.”

– Isabel, student summer 2020

In this workshop, we will explore a range of printmaking techniques by experimenting with materials and concepts. We will work primarily in linoleum relief carving, learning the process of using tools to build graphic images. We will also delve into monotypes and collagraphs, techniques where you make prints from collages of textured materials. 

Our focus will be on learning traditional printmaking methods like making proofs, printing an edition, and creating a multi-layer reduction print. We will also explore other aspects of printmaking, such as making stamps, mixing inks, and printing designs on fabric. While working from our home studio spaces, we will come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and think critically about the work we make.   

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