Weaving & Fiber Arts summer workshop for high school teens.

Weaving & Fiber Arts

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"Weaving was a new experience for me. I liked it very much."

In this workshop, students learn to express themselves creatively through working with fiber, color, and pattern. Weaving, quilting, sewing, needlework, knitting, crocheting, spinning, and dyeing are all options during each session. Students can choose to focus in one area or explore a variety of techniques. The fiber arts studio is equipped with a remarkable collection of four and eight harness floor looms, spinning wheels, sewing machines, and a knitting machine, as well as a large collection of natural fiber yarns and fabrics.

The school farm provides fleece for spinning and plants for natural dyeing. We have an extensive library of contemporary and historical textile books and periodicals for inspiration. Students are encouraged to experiment, to build on skills they already have, or to branch out to completely new areas. Participants can expect to go home with finished pieces, such as blankets, scarves and bags.


Weaving & Fiber Arts teacher

Faculty: Melissa Johnson

Melissa moved to southern Vermont from Istanbul in 1973 and graduated from The Putney School in 1977. She attended the University of Vermont, Goddard College, and apprenticed to Trudy Walker, a production weaver, before beginning her career as a weaver and knitwear designer. She has taught Fiber Arts at The Putney School in the academic, evening, and summer programs since 1995. In addition to teaching, she is a designer, dyer, and color consultant for The Green Mountain Spinnery. She also creates custom textiles for individuals and teaches workshops on weaving, knitting, and natural and synthetic dyeing.  During the summer of 2013, she and a group from Putney School brought looms and yarn to Kigali, Rwanda. They set up a weaving studio and taught 12 disadvantaged Rwandans to weave. The Rwandan weavers have now formed a co-operative and are producing scarves for sale to support themselves and their families.

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