Photography summer workshop for high school teens.


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"Manual cameras with light meters are my new best friend!"

Students engage in the multi-step process of black and white photography, with an emphasis on understanding the many variables that are within the photographer’s domain. Students learn to optimize the use of aperture, shutter speed, and other camera techniques to achieve the visual effects they desire, and also how to develop their film and make prints in a traditional black and white darkroom. Individual expression is encouraged as students grow in their knowledge.​ ​Once essential skills are mastered, students are taught a variety of alternative methods including hand coloring, toning, and manipulation of negatives. ​Although this workshop uses traditional film processes, digital shooters and 'iphonographers' will notice their image-making improve as they strengthen their visualization and camera skills to develop a unique photographic style.  

​​Students who enroll in this workshop must be familiar with and bring their own manually adjustable 35mm camera. Black and white film is supplied.


photography teacher - Francesco Mazzotta

Faculty: Francesco Mazzotta

Francesco Mazzotta attended Western Connecticut State University where he earned his Bachelors of Art in Photography. After which he attended Maryland Institute College of Art where he received a Masters of Fine Art in Photographic and Electronic Media in May 2017. Mazzotta's work is not only in the fine art realm where he explores gender identity through the public lens working in installation, still image, video and sculpture. He also works commercially in portraiture and fashion.


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