Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design


During our Engineering and Design workshop, students get the opportunity to develop their own ideas in solid modeling, 3D printing, prototype assembly, and Arduino applications.


Lead Instructor:   Glenn Littledale

Glenn is an innovator in project-based learning. He is that rare instructor who solves differential equations with dispatch or rebuild a farm tractor engine from the main bearings up. The presence of six fully featured Solidworks work stations on campus are a product of his vision. These provide a front end to generate virtual objects ranging from a robotic hand to a set of Sierpinski cubes, from the several 3D printers which are continuously busy under Glenn's auspices.

Engineering Staff:   Robert Chave

Robert's work includes 15 years with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab where he worked on various Mars rovers, and the Hubble Space Telescope. His current work includes a scanner for the autonomous detection of melanoma as a part of a National Institute of Health funded project. Robert is a Putney School alumnus and enjoys returning to support the same type of projects he undertook as a student. Putney's project based learning was the beginning of his career in technology, through which he developed core skills that he subsequently polished at MIT and Stanford.


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