About Summer Arts

A Note From The Director
Sculpture Workshop Putney, Vermont

At the end of each summer, what students say more than anything is how much more confident and adventurous they have become. We see this in their work, how they engage with their teachers, and how they treat one another. Students who come to Putney enjoy expressing themselves for who they are and are emboldened when they see how their work can impact others.

At Putney, we appreciate one another in ways that can sometimes be difficult to imagine in a more competitive environment. Your time at Putney is a time to fully be yourself, to develop skills, and to express yourself in the most powerful and meaningful ways you can imagine. Come be moved by the possibilities, the breadth and depth of what you will learn, and the many friends you will make.

I look forward to your joining us for the summer and to seeing your growth over the course of your time at Putney.

Tom Howe, Summer Programs Director

The Putney School Summer Programs
Elm Lea Farm, 418 Houghton Brook Road,
Putney, Vermont 05346 USA
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