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Are there international students?

Putney is known as a place that students come to from around the world. Many of our international students enroll directly into arts workshops, while some non-native English speakers choose to enroll in English language classes in the morning and arts workshops in the afternoons.

What about technology on campus?

There is a computer lab in the library building, but not in the dorms. We ask students to leave their cell phones and all electronic devices at home or to check them in at registration for safe keeping. We return cell phones at the end of the session for students to document their work.

What are the housing arrangements?

We are a small boarding school with 9 dormitories, each of which houses between 10-28 students. Students are housed in single sex dorms. Each dorm has two dorm heads that live within the dorm and interact regularly with the students.

What do the students do on weekends?

The first weekend is dedicated to overnight camp-outs in the woods called Outbacks. During the second weekend, we all participate in Community Work Morning and then take a field trip to a local town Saturday afternoon. Sunday is a day of options, such as open studios, blueberry picking and field trips.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, The Putney School is generous with financial aid, receiving donations from families and foundations to provide need-based aid for families that qualify.

Do you have references that I can contact?

Many of our alumni and their parents have offered to speak with prospective students and their families. Please contact us and we'll be happy to send you a list of references.


Summer Arts

Do I need to have experience to join a workshop?

No. Students choose workshops in disciplines that they are interested in learning more about, regardless of their previous experience. More advanced students are encouraged and supported in working at their own pace.

Am I in a studio all day?

You’ll have studio time both in the morning and afternoon. At 4pm everyone comes together for sports activities and special events. There are also additional opportunities for studio time.

Will I be able to work independently once I get started in my workshop?

In general, each student works on an independent project starting about midway through the three-week session. Groups such as dance and theater often work collaboratively for the entire three weeks.

Can I bring a musical instrument?

We encourage students to bring instruments. The Putney School attracts a lot of musicians. There are plenty of opportunities to play music alone or in groups. Lockers are provided. For students in music workshops we have instruments available for use.

Which teacher should I ask for a recommendation?

We require one recommendation from any teacher or private instructor who knows your strengths and weaknesses who taught you in a class you enjoyed being in and were very engaged in. One recommendation is all that is needed to complete your application.

What type of art samples are you looking for?

Please submit work that you have created recently and that you are proud of.

What if I've never tried the workshop I'm signing up for?

You'll find students of different levels of experience in most workshops. Our teachers are skilled at teaching to all levels. The non-competitive culture at Putney is also very conducive to students learning from one another.

If I stay for both session, what will I do between sessions?

When you enroll for both sessions you're welcome to stay on campus for a supervised program of recreational activities or leave campus with your family for the weekend.


Engineering and Design

Do I need engineering experience for this program?

The program is designed for students of all levels.



How connected are Art/Activism/Impact students to the Summer Arts program?

Quite a bit! Students share dorms, meals, and extracurricular activities with the Summer Arts students.

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