Students agree to certain expectations for conduct while they are Putney. These expectations, as outlined in the Student Enrollment Agreement and Contract, help ensure the safety and respect we consider necessary to each student's happiness, productive effort, and sense of community. We expect all students at Putney to work with energy, sustained effort, and an open mind.

In keeping with our efforts to encourage students to focus on their work and the community here at Putney, we provide only limited access to the Internet. The use of cell phones, personal computers, and devices with internet capabilities is not allowed on campus. Students traveling with any of these items must give them to the business manager at registration, after which they are stored in a safe in the Summer Programs office. Use of iPods and other electronic music devices is limited.

Students who fail to adhere to the expectations and spirit of the program risk dismissal or withdrawal without refund of tuition or fees. It is vital to each student's success at Putney that he or she has chosen to come to Putney and is committed to getting the most out of this opportunity.

Please review the Student Handbook for more details

Academic Credit

Each student receives written, narrative evaluations of their work and a certificate of successful completion in the three or six week program. Students seeking academic credit for participation in Putney’s workshops may request that The Putney School Summer Programs send course descriptions, teacher credentials, and teacher evaluations of student participation to their school registrar.

The Putney School Summer Programs
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Putney, Vermont 05346 USA
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