Art / Activism / Impact



Sculpture Workshop Putney, Vermont

Create art to inspire, to start a conversation, and to make a difference.

Join a group of talented high school artists this summer and explore some of the challenging issues facing the world today. Use your knowledge and hone your skills to be as effective as you can. We live in a world that needs art to create social and political change.

Art/Activism/Impact is a laboratory for young people hungry to engage the challenging issues of the day. We are seeking students who are open to learning from peers and professional activists and ready to work collaboratively on artistic projects that provoke, educate, and force us to act. In this immersive symposium, you’ll explore current and historical examples of art for social change. You will learn directly through field trips and workshops offered by guest faculty, visiting artists, and activists that might include printmakers, installation artists, puppeteers, theater producers, non-profit directors, lawyers, filmmakers, and poets. These guest teachers will help us pioneer creative methods for raising awareness, using their experience working in public spaces and grappling with complex political and social issues.

Alongside these provocative guest workshops, you will collaborate with other students to work on specific projects that give voice to issues you care about. These projects may span various art forms and will be created based on your experience and the interests of the group. Art/Activism/Impact piggybacks on Putney’s Summer Arts program, giving participants access to the faculty, studios, and resources needed to create.

Sculpture Workshop Putney, Vermont


  • animal rights
  • civil liberties
  • racial inequality
  • rights of indigenous peoples
  • rural poverty
  • sex & gender discrimination


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