Whether we work imaginatively from our minds or figuratively from the world around us, we share a common visual vocabulary of form, color, shape, gesture and pattern. In this week long painting workshop, student-artists will be encouraged to develop a deeply personal relationship to painting as a way of communicating what is within us and what is around us. The studio days will be structured to allow long periods of painting in the mornings and afternoons with group discussion time in the middle. This group time is important as a way of seeing a wide range of approaches to picture making and to address the painterly issues of composition, color relationships, space, light, and feeling that arise whether we work figuratively or abstractly. 

Throughout the week of classes and studio time participants will have the options of still life painting, landscape, self portraiture, figure painting and non-objective (abstract) work. For those who would benefit from foundational practices of color mixing, seeing value structure, and relational drawing methods, there will be demonstrations and instruction in those areas. For those who want more autonomy in their work, the resources and instruction can be more specific to their artistic aims.

The emphasis throughout the week will be to develop a more personal sense of choice making in painting, to uncover our artistic sensibilities so that we may work with more intelligence, sensitivity and engagement.

Student-artists can work in any medium they choose. Here is a sample list of materials to bring.


Faculty: Robert Chapla

Metal Jewelry teacher - Jeanne BennettRobert grew up in Lorain, Ohio and graduated from Columbia College in New York City with a degree in Art History. He has taken numerous graduate classes in fine art at several institutions and taught extensively over the years, including 6 years in Yosemite Valley. He currently teaches painting at SPA Gallery in Barre, Vt. and Alumni Hall in Haverhill, N.H.

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